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Stickers and walkable

Clear information at the service of safety.


The attendance of working or commercial environments today requires knowledge and respect for certain rules. Above all, in offices, stores and supermarkets, information must be clearly visible and immediately understandable.
Efficient indications, on the floor or placed at eye level, are an essential tool to ensure the right attention to the health and safety of all.

Aro Group’s Health Protection Solutions division’s wall stickers and walkables have been designed to meet the need to provide the right social distancing indications, for the communication of health and safety regulations, for the management of spaces in all contexts that involve the passage and attendance of people, such as:
- offices.
- supermarkets.
- hypermarkets.
- shopping malls.
- showrooms.
- waiting rooms.
- stores.
- public spaces.

Aro Group’s special production of stickers and walkable products dedicated to Health Protection offers totally customizable solutions, based on the different needs of each point of sale, positioning, consistency with brand guidelines and type of visitors.
Therefore, these are not standard solutions, but real tailor-made products, in terms of formats, printing and visual elements. To completely satisfy the needs of the most different types of commercial realities: from representative offices to wholesale points of sale, from bars to high profile boutiques.

Quality solutions.

Our solutions can be applied on the floor, with the guarantee of long life and an excellent seal of the print, or on walls or other surfaces for all communications that must be placed at eye level.

All our adhesives, whether wall-mounted or walkable, guarantee the highest level of performance:
- they are made of PVC.
- they are plasticized, for longer life.
- they are non-slip.
- they are completely customizable.
- they offer great versatility of use and quality colour rendering.

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